If you’re a geeky girl like me (or even, a geeky woman? A geek mom?) you know how hard it can be to find apparel with the things you love printed on it. When I was looking for “May the Fourth” apparel for myself and my two daughters, I couldn’t find a single t-shirt at the Disney store. C’mon, Disney. Girls like Star Wars, too.

(I actually wrote about that experience on my blog when it happened.)

So, imagine my surprise when I was walking through Target with my 6 year old daughter and we came across some really adorable t-shirts in the Toddler department.

I’m a Marvel girl at heart, and I love these. I wish we could have more of the awesome female heroes on the shirts, but we take what we can get, right? At least Black Widow makes an appearance here. And the Captain America shirt is adorbs. I can see either or both of my girls wearing it.

DC has the right idea here and I’ll tell you why: it’s not because female super heroes are babies, but because their target audience with this shirt (preschool females) really dig the chibi thing. Trust me, I spend enough time with girls in this age range (2-6 years old) to know that they LOVE “cute” things. And this is “cute.”

All in all, Marvel and DC seem to *finally* be catching on. Girls love superheroes just as much as boys do. And if they start making more merchandising that targets that potential audience, they’re gonna make more money. TAKE MY MONEY.

Now I just have to be careful I don’t go bankrupt dressing my girls up in clothes I wish they made in grown-up sizes.


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