monster elementary 2
So, I went ahead and pledged to a kickstarter. I was a HUGE fan of the first Monster Elementary book, so when I saw they were making a second volume? Heck yes.

I think that Nick is an incredibly talented and creative writer. His characters are lovable, the situations intriguing. And Gwen is an organized editor and talented designer. The first book is a quality product–I gave it out as Christmas presents to all my daughters’ friends a couple of years ago.

Since we just bought the house (more on that later) I’m not going to be able to pledge as much money this year as I did for the previous kickstarter. 🙁 But I’m making a post here and spreading it to all of my social media in the hopes that other people will pick up my slack!

So please CLICK HERE to fund this amazing kickstarter. Get your hands on a copy of the first book. I guarantee you’re gonna love it.