My Nerdiness knows no bounds. In May of this year I attended a fan led Harry Potter Convention in Laconia, New Hampshire. Misti-Con 2015 is the second Misti Convention they’ve held at the beautiful Margate Resort on Lake Winnipisawkee. I can’t put into words how much I love spending time with so many glorious nerds… but I’m gonna try.


decorationsThe excitement one gets when the decorations go up, the HP talk begins… I get to play like a kid on Halloween again, pretending, role playing, and enjoying cool costumes. This year I was lucky to be able to spend some time alone with my husband, even in a place that some might assume would be better for kids (like our time at Disneyland Paris). I am so incredibly thankful that he’s willing to come along with me.husband

deadhufflepuffThe people are what make these conferences. Those who organize them are truly magical. they work dilligently and relentlessly to make the weekend unforgettable to the attendees. The attendees leave baggage at the door, come in with excitement, enthusiasm, and and open heart and mind. Presenters have educational and enlightening things to say, and I wish I could attend every talk, panel and activity.

chrisrankinThis year the extras included Mugglenet’s Family Feud (in which Chris Rankin was robbed), a wonderful Murder Mystery Dinner by Clever by Half, LARP, themed drinks at the Margate’s bar, belly dancing, and an amazing Literary Track.tradingcards

I made trading cards with my name and
bio on them, and traded for
about a dozen other cards.

I purchased a copy of “Cards Against Muggles” which is a fandom-based re-creation of “Cards Against Humanity”–which was played all weekend.


Speaking of playing, I was honored to beta test a board game in development, and participate in a wild game night of pictionary and charades. There was a ball and some amazing after parties.

Some friends and I participated in the wormscoutFashion Show, following a friend’s idea of what “Magical Scouts” would be.  Since I’m a Girl Scout Troop leader, I jumped on the chance to participate, and I LOVE the costume that she designed for us all to wear!

The announcement of Misti-Con 2017 brought forth a beautiful roar from the crowd. So many amazing things happened, and I know I’m forgetting most. I’m already planning to offer up my own talents and skills for the Literary Track, and working on costume ideas.

I’m thinking I’ll bring the whole family in 2017.