My in-laws are so talented and creative! My Father-in-law loves paper crafting, my Mother-in-law is a textile design artist, and my Sister-in-law (and soon-to-be Brother-in-law) is an illustrator. I feel completely inadequate when it comes to everything visual art related in their company. (I can’t even draw stick figures right! They always come out crooked.)

Here’s hoping that my daughters inherit their artistic skills from that side of the family!

To complete their paper craft holiday scene, my Father-in-law invited us over to help him decorate Christmas Trees. He used a paper craft pattern created by another person and shared free online, but adjusted the pattern to make it work without having to be glued. You can find the pattern here.


I wanted to share some pictures from yesterday’s craft. Though the glitter glue took a bit too long to dry to have the trees finished today, I think they’ll be beautiful when they dry enough to be folded. Some of the other decorations worked really well! My in-laws put together stickers, jewels, and both opaque and regular gel pens for everyone to use to decorate.


I think the little trees came out beautifully! I think it’ll be wonderful for the girls to put their new, little, paper Christmas trees in with our Lego Christmas Village (currently in progress). More on that later.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!