Over the past two nights we showed my daughters Back to the Future, and Back to the backtothefutureFuture Part II. I was a HUGE fan when I was a kid. I wanted a Delorean. I thought Michael J Fox was a dreamboat. I practically worshipped Doc Brown. I wasn’t really surprised when my girls liked the films because they were a huge part of my childhood, but I was surprised when the girls LOVED them. My younger daughter can’t keep interest in a feature-length film if there are no muppets or cartoons, but she watched the ENTIRE movie BOTH nights.

Then I put on the Documentary “Back in Time” to watch with my husband and I was a little shocked. It’s a total SAUSAGE FEST. They interviewed TWO women, both actresses in the films. The rest of the interviews were ALL MEN. All male fans, all male current industry professionals with opinions, all male industry professionals who worked on the series.

The only other woman who appeared was there with her husband.

I had to turn it off. I was disgusted. Do women not have opinions? Do women not count? The documentary was made in 2015. Aren’t we in the twenty-first century? How is this STILL an all-boys club???


Thank GOD for Ghostbusters (2016). After watching Back in Time and thinking about how male-centric so much of Hollywood is/was, I’m glad that my daughters have women like Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler to look up to. Strong, confident women who are leading the way for others in their field.

I dropped off my older daughter at Drama Camp this morning and left with my head held high. Here’s to the next generation of strong, funny, smart women who will take this world by storm.