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Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch I’m not sure how this book came to my attention.  Perhaps it was recommended for me on my Audible list, or perhaps I found it randomly.  With so many things going on in my life, sometimes it’s hard to remember how I come across things!  I’m glad I did, though, this was a fun novel that had me intrigued from the start.  It also gave me a lot of things to think about!  Mental chewing…

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Book Review: Nos4a2 by Joe Hill

 NOS4A2 by Joe Hill I heard about this novel on the radio morning show that I listen to every day when I take my kids to school.  And since I’ve had great recommendations from the show in the past, I put it on my Audible list.  I gotta say, I’m glad I did.  I really enjoyed this book. NOS4A2 is a supernatural suspense novel by a master of horror, Joe Hill.  The story takes place over the course of a young…

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Book Review: Codex by Lev Grossman

Codex by Lev Grossman I found this novel when I searched for other works by Lev Grossman.  I absolutely loved The Magicians Trilogy, and have read those books at least a few times each.  So I figured I would love other works by Lev Grossman, and I wasn’t exactly wrong.  I wasn’t exactly right, either. The title Codex refers to a medieval text that has been lost to time.  Edward Wozny, an investment banker, has taken a new position with his…

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Book Review: The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey

 The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey This is another title that they were talking about on my morning Radio Show.  I should probably plug them every time.  I love listening to Sarah and Vinnie on Alice at 97.3.  They give the best book reviews!  Whenever Sarah says she loves a book, I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it, too.  And the fact that they’re local celebrities who promote reading is a big plus in my book.…

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Book Review: Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi

 Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi I’d listened to Lock In by John Scalzi, because Wil Wheaton read it.  I was a big fan of Wil Wheaton’s performances in the audiobooks of Ready Player One and Armada by Ernest Cline.  (Both are excellent books, if you ask me.  Super fun and highly entertaining!)  So I searched for other books that WW had read, and found Lock In.  It was a great book.  When Agent to the Stars popped up on…

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Thoughts about Tags

I have two short stories published through Amazon: The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie and The Royals, Volume 2: Lance. These are two contemporary short stories, fairy tales set in the real world. For these works, I’ve got the following tags: contemporary fairy tale, Rapunzel in the real world, modern day fairy tale, fairy tale short story, modern day Rapunzel, Rapunzel without magic, real world fairy tale, real world short story, real world Rapunzel, Rapunzel as a short story, Rapunzel from…

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