cameronI have the pleasure of being a close friend with Michelle Gould, who works as a freelance video editor. She’s incredibly talented, incredibly friendly, and incredibly kind. One of her jobs is editing “Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl,” a YouTube channel dedicated to making the world a more open-minded and understanding place “one cocktail at a time.” Cameron does interviews with celebrities who are in the LGBTQ community and around San Francisco, where the interviews take place. It was an honor to be invited to a recent series launch party and fundraiser.
I love stepping out of my comfort zone–as a relatively shy person, being at a crowded, happy, loud, gay bar in the Castro was definitely out of my element–and meeting people I otherwise may never have met. I find joy in speaking with new people and getting to people watch. The writer in me takes mental notes about character traits, physical traits, and finds inspiration in these strangers. My curiosity runsshot glasses wild.

The event was a huge success in my mind. People had a wonderful time, we watched a teaser of Season 3 Episode 1, and saw a world premiere of a music video made by the very talented artist who does the soundtrack for Happy Hour. I had a jello shot, bought raffle tickets, and made new friends. While none of my tickets came out in the raffle drawing, I still consider myself a winner. Cheesy cliches aside, I’m so glad I went. And I hope to be invited back again.